Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert

Received via Email from a colleague, Thabiet.
Thanks Tabs.

I mean seriously, can you say comfort food? And super easy? And super yummy? And chocolate-y?? Well, all those things are wrapped up together in this one creamy dessert. This is one of those been-around-forever recipes. Because it tastes so good!

Just look at those gorgeous, creamy layers. And a chocolate topping sure doesn't hurt.

For this dessert, you start with Tennis Biscuits, vanilla pudding, and Orley Whip. Mix the pudding and Orley Whip together - then resist the urge to dive in with a spoon and eat it all up at this point ... wait for the final product ... it's worth it, I promise.

Then layer this fluffy pudding mixture with the Tennis Biscuits. You just lay the whole pan with the biscuits and spread them with the pudding. How easy is that?
Once you're done your biscuit and pudding layers, boil together some sugar with cocoa and milk, and then add some butter and vanilla. Pour all that over the top biscuit layer.
Now lick the spoon ... and the pudding bowl ... you deserve it.
Refrigerate the dessert overnight, and then dig in!
You'll be surprised how yummy and satisfying this super-simple concoction is. It's totally fabulous for pot-lucks. And in our house it's not at all relegated to dessert...